Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer – When we heard the news, we may want to visit them immediately or maybe to send an encouraging gift. However, most of us tend to get lost. We don’t know what to do and what to say. According to the experts, the following ways should help you in delivering support without creating bad atmosphere.
• Ask First
Whenever you want to visit, it is important to ask them first. Is it a good time for you to visit or your friend wants some private time? Don’t take it personally when your friend refuses or cancel during last minutes. With this diseases, everything is unpredictable.

• You Need a Phone Team
Just as customer care in online casinos like, you can point someone to keep in touch with your friend. He or she should deliver the update on your friend status and condition to the others. This should help your friend from the obligation to update the circle.

• Some Aid on the Daily Errands
Most people with cancer hesitate to ask for this, but they actually need help in daily basis. You can offer to help in several errands or tasks like doing the laundry, picking up the kids from school, or grocery shopping and babysitting.

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

• Listen to Your Friend
Diagnosed with cancer, your friend may need someone to talk to. All you need to do is listen without the need to judge or to lead your friend to feel or think in certain way. If you don’t know what to say, this can be a huge help that you can offer.

• Never Compare
In cancer, every person may have different condition and symptoms. When your friend tells you all about it, you shouldn’t compare it. Someone else in your circle may have the same disease, but the entire details can be different. In addition to it, comparing illnesses is never helpful.

Different Treatment Options for Cancer

Different Treatment Options for Cancer

Different Treatment Options for Cancer – Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that many people are afraid of. The reason is because there are a lot of different kinds of cancer. As a matter of fact, you can say that there is cancer for every parts of your body. Yes, it is because cancer is caused by the mutated cells inside the body. So, as long as your body has the cancer cell, even the slightest one, then there is a possibility that you can get the cancer. For your information, there are actually some treatment options that you can choose if you have been sentenced with cancer.

The first one can be considered as the most common one. It is the surgery. Basically, this kind of treatment is something that you need to do if there is nothing else that you can do. It is because the surgery is basically to remove the cancer cells from inside of your body. However, the succession rate is not 100 percent either. It is because when you are taking the cancer cells out, there is a possibility that the cells have spread out to some other parts of your body. That is why this treatment is considered as the last resort that you can take.

The second one is the radiation treatment. As some of you might have known, the radiation treatment is used to kill the cancer cells inside your body through the process of radiation. This treatment is great if your cancer condition is still below the mid-level. It means that the cancer cells can still be killed with the radiation. One thing that made many people choose the radiation treatment is because they will not feel the pain from the treatment even though they have to do it over and over again.

The last treatment is the chemotherapy. The chemo can be considered as the lightest and the earliest stage of cancer treatments. It is because the treatment consists only of the drug consumption. You can either have the medicines to swallow or some other substances to be injected inside your veins. Both are not scary at all. However, you need to know that this treatment is perfect for those who have the early stage of cancer. If means if your cancer is higher than the early stage, then the treatment is not something that you can choose. You can choose radiation if you think that your cancer condition is worse.

Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy
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Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy

Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy – Your oncologist may already gave you all the necessary information from drugs to side effects and your possible frequency of chemotherapy. However, you may still find that you are restless, afraid, and you may have many questions but don’t know how to ask. Here are some tips to make your first chemotherapy experience more comfortable.
• Eat Light First
As it happens on many patients, chemo can lead to digestion problem. The best way to keep you fit and to make sure this treatment works ultimately, eat nutritious meal first. It is best to eat around three or four hours before the treatment, and eat a lot of fiber to help your digestion.

• There Will be Blood Test
Every time before the treatment, you will need to take a blood test. Your white blood cells, your red blood cells, and your hemoglobin need to be counted to prevent complication. After the result comes out, you may or may not continue to chemo.

• You Can Ask Question
There will be several drugs included in the treatment. For this, you are allowed to ask questions about it. Most patients will wonder what drug they will take in and how it will feel, if there is any side effect and how you deal with it, and will it cure your cancer.

• There Will be Post Medication
After the chemotherapy, you will need to take some medication. Commonly, this medication is supposed to help with vomiting and nausea. You need to make sure you know how often and when you need to take this medication. Ask for direction and be as sure as placing a bet on online poker games in

• You Need to Drink a Lot of Water after
The drug used in chemotherapy will dry the entire tissues of your body. To make it work, you need to stay hydrated. Unless you also have kidney problem, you need to drink around eight ounces of water per hour until your bed time.

There are actually more on this, but these should help you experience the first chemotherapy in most comfortable way. You need to stay hopeful and optimistic as it elevates your mood. With positive attitude, this treatment is proven to help so many patients.

Deadly but Common Cancers in the World
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Deadly but Common Cancers in the World

Deadly but Common Cancers in the World – A lot of people are afraid of cancer because of the slight chance of survival. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different types of cancers that can easily attack the people. That is why you can say that all of the people are able to have cancer without being noticed at the beginning. For your information, there are actually some types of cancer that can be easily acquired by the people without a specific kind of cause. As an addition to that, those cancers are also something quite scary. Here are some of them.

The first one is breast cancer. All of you have known that this cancer is the real nightmare of all of the women in the world. The mortality rate is not that big, but the fact that this kind of cancer can surely ruin your life is something that all of the women never want to deal with. For your information, the number of the breast cancer victim around the world is reaching two million people. That is why this kind of cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous cancers in the world that are quite common.

The second one is the lung cancer. Talking about the number, the lung cancer actually has the similar number with the breast cancer. It is reaching two million people worldwide. However, the fact that only women who can get the breast cancer made the lung cancer placed on the second position. That is because the percentage is slightly lower than the breast cancer. Even though, you need to understand that there are a lot of causes of the lung cancer. The number one cause is the smoking habit. As an addition to that, the bad lifestyle is another thing that can easily cause the lung cancer.

the last but not least is the prostate cancer. A lot of people think that this kind of cancer is not that deadly, but they are totally wrong. As a matter of fact, the number of victims of prostate cancer is bigger than those of the heart cancer. That is because the prostate cancer is something affected by the things that you consume. It is a bit similar with the heart cancer, but you can say that the prostate cancer is worse because there are more things that can cause this kind of cancer. That is why you need to start thinking about consuming healthy foods starting from now on.

Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection?
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Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection?

Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection? – As soon as the pandemic spreads globally, health professionals are mapping the most vulnerable groups, among them are infants, children, pregnant women and elders. Further investigation reveals that cancer patients share similar risks, but certain only certain types show high vulnerability of getting infected. What are these special cancer types?
– Blood Cancer
In the latest joint study conducted by University of Birmingham and Oxford, the result indicates that blood cancer patients are more exposed to coronavirus infection. Responding to the finding, many health providers are taking extra precaution steps to ensure the safety of blood cancer patients’ treatment. As the process cannot be delayed, the prevention steps aim to minimize the coronavirus infection.
To access the result of the joint study, one should look in the document section in UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UKCCMP). In the report, the infection risk among blood cancer patients reaches 57%, which means that these patients will suffer severe effects once they are infected with coronavirus.

– Old Age
In addition to specific cancer type, the age of the patients also affects the survival rate from coronavirus. The older the cancer patients, the lower chance they have to survive the infection. Data has shown that those cancer patients above 80 years old are on the top chain of vulnerable group.

– Demographic Data
Thanks to the demographic data of cancer mortality rate in UKCCMP, the health practitioners could accurately map the vulnerability rate of cancer patients, especially when compared to solid tumor patients. Using the correlation results from the study, they could develop proper assessment. Similar approach is used by the poker players when they observe opponents’ cards.

Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection

Although the chance of survival among cancer patients are low, there is no findings related to the chance of getting infected by coronavirus. This is the first prevention barrier that should be tightened. Every effort should be done to sterilize the cancer center and the patients’ safety must be protected.

While the cure for COVID19 is still made in various laboratories, the positive cases keep rising. The initial vulnerable groups even expand to cancer patients as well. Those who have blood cancer and in older age group are the most fragile. To get better information on cancer patients’ vulnerability, further demographic data is collected.

Reasons to Continue Your Cancer Treatments
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Reasons to Continue Your Cancer Treatments

Reasons to Continue Your Cancer Treatments – Being cured from a cancer does not mean that your life will become something as it used to be. That is because there is still a chance that you will have the cancer again in your life. That is why if you have cured from any kind of cancer, it is better for you to do the cancer treatments regularly. For those who are wondering why you should continue the cancer treatments, here are some of the reasons why you need to do so.

The first reason is because you can control the activity of the cancer cells inside your body through the treatment. Many people think that there are no more cancer cells inside their body when the doctor said that they have been cured. However, that is not the right opinion to have because there is a possibility that you still have the mild cancer cells inside your body. That is why the function of the treatment is to help you pressing the cancer cells inside your body. As an addition to that, controlling the cancer cells also mean that you will be able to stop the further spreading of the cancer cells inside your body.

The second reason is to manage the cancer so that you will not have the advance cancer in the future. It is not a secret anymore that there are a lot of different kinds of cancer. Some of them are considered as something common while the others are considered as something advance. Many people experience the common cancer, but not the advance. That is why when you are thinking about stopping your cancer treatment, you need to think about it once again. It is because you will not want to have the advance cancer in your life.

Cancer Treatments

The last reason is to prevent the cancer from coming back. You need to fully understand that when you had the cancer, there is a possibility that you still have the cancer cell inside your body. You will never want that cancer cell to spread or grow inside your body that will cause the cancer back in your life. This is the last reason why you need to continue your cancer treatment. For your consideration, the treatment does not have to be advanced and expensive. The point is to keep those cancer cells in control so that you will have the life that you want to live even when you know that you have the cancer.

Recommended Treatments for People with Cancer During Coronavirus Pandemic
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Recommended Treatments for People with Cancer During Coronavirus Pandemic

Recommended Treatments for People with Cancer During Coronavirus Pandemic – Coronavirus can be very deadly for people with underlying conditions, including cancer. The data shows that lots of cancer patients in China, US, and Italy are more vulnerable and can have greater health risk. However, the patients need to get better treatment so they can be safe during the pandemic.
– Cancer Patients
Cancer patients are categorized into two groups during the pandemic. The first one is the patients with controlled disease or treatment-free and the second is the patients under the treatment. However, only the second category is eligible to get local treatment.

The cancer patients in the second category are those who have had a stem cell transplant or bone marrow in the last six months, receive extensive radiotherapy, receive chemotherapy, and those with lymphatic or blood cancer.

– Recommended Treatments
Patients need to limit their visits to the hospital during the pandemic and they are recommended to communicate with professionals via phone. Local treatment will be prioritized for patients with higher risk or life threatening conditions. Those who don’t belong to the higher risk group, the treatment will be changed into oral treatment temporarily that will be monitored by the professionals. But on Sbobet, you can be at one table with professionals to play Roulette.

Treatments for People with Cancer During Coronavirus PandemicPatients are recommended to consult the hospital if they need to get local treatment or not. The hospital will determine the safer way to get to the hospital and they will also get additional information related to health education to make them safe during the visit. The hospital will also arrange the schedule for the appointment to reduce the chance of getting infected during the waiting time in the hospital if they don’t receive a scheduled appointment. On the other hand, if the patients don’t need to get the local treatment, the patients will receive guidance to do the oral treatment by themselves.

Cancer patients need to be examined further to determine whether they need local treatment or not. If cancer patients need to get treatment in the hospital, they need to make sure that they follow the guidelines. Fewer visits are also recommended to lower the chance of getting coronavirus.

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What Must Be Done by Patients with Chronic Cancer and Their Families

What Must Be Done by Patients with Chronic Cancer and Their Families – How do you feel if you are suddenly diagnosed with cancer? Of course you will be devastated. Life will change 180 degrees. Stress is one of the negative effects experienced by cancer patients. This diagnosis of cancer can cause major life changes. But don’t give up immediately.

There are still many things that can be done to prevent cancer becoming more severe. Cancer patients still have hope for recovery. Therefore there are several steps that must be prepared by cancer patients and also those who accompany them. The following are some of these things.

Things that must be done by cancer patients and their closest people

1. Collect all information about cancer
Of course, cancer patients must gather information related to the cancer that they experience. The patient can make a list of questions regarding the cancer that is experienced. For example about the type of cancer, care to be taken, and so forth. The people closest to the patient can assist in every treatment that must be undertaken.

2. Maintain good communication
After being diagnosed with cancer, maybe the patient will immediately withdraw from his family and friendship circle. Maybe this is due to a feeling of lack of hope for life. The people closest to the patient should not allow this. Therefore build good two-way communication. Maintaining this two-way communication can help patients feel more relaxed. If possible, patients can join.

3. Change your lifestyle to be healthier
Surely people who have been diagnosed with cancer must immediately change their lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle must be done immediately so as not to worsen the condition of the body. Patients can start by eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly. Research shows that regular exercise during the cancer treatment period can increase the expectation for a longer life for patients.

Things that must be done by cancer patients and their closest people4. Anticipating physical changes
It’s no secret that patients diagnosed with cancer will experience physical changes. The changes that occur are very significant and often attract attention. These physical changes can include weight loss and hair loss. Anticipation can be made in the form of providing wigs, clothes, makeup, or other accessories that might make cancer patients feel more confident. For people around the patient can anticipate this change while maintaining the patient’s feelings. Don’t treat it differently because the physical has changed. Keep acting as usual.

These are some of the things cancer patients and those around them can do. Don’t forget that to fight cancer, it takes a lot of enthusiasm.

Support Cancer Survivor by Doing These Simple Ways
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Support Cancer Survivor by Doing These Simple Ways

Diagnosed with cancer may become the doomsday for several people. This disease is one of the deathliest diseases after the heart attack. So, you may see that some patients with cancer will lose their hope while doing the medication and it makes their condition worse than before. Let’s support cancer survivor by doing these simple ways.

1. Give Them Motivation
Giving the cancer survivor motivations is a simple way to show that you care for them and want them to fight the disease and stay alive. It will prove that the survivor’s life is so precious for everyone. You can give them the link of inspirational stories of cancer survivors, on how they fight the disease and then the doctor says that they are recovered.

You also can accompany them to the hospital when they should do the chemotherapy or the surgery. You can give them the spirit, so they will fight the disease and they know that if they can do it, they can be such an inspiring figure for other cancer survivors.

2. Make Them Happy
Happiness is the key if they want to be healthy. Since the mind may play the trick, it is important to keep cancer survivor positive thought of being recover. If they are depressed and sad, any kind of medication process will do nothing to them. So, make them as happy as you can and the immune system, created by that happiness, will find its way to fight cancer.

However, you should consider the patients’ condition. For example, if they cannot eat something spicy, although they really like it, just don’t give it to them just to make them happy. There are so many other ways that are safe for them. So, just be cautious with their condition.

3. Open Their Eyes for Any Other Chances
If the medication fails, you can still support cancer survivor by introducing the alternative ways. Introduce also the ‘self-healing’ method that may help the process of medication. Or you can introduce the traditional method that uses herbal medicine to cure the disease. Show them that if one way fails, they still can go for other ways.

Just support cancer survivor by doing these simple ways and their life expectancies will increase along with the increase of their hope to survive from cancer. Maybe these ways seem simple and will not affect the patient that much, but just believe a small thing can change the whole world.

Happy and Strong Even with Cancer
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Happy and Strong Even with Cancer

Cancer is one type of dangerous disease. If you don’t get immediate treatment, then cancer patients can end up with death. Seeing this great risk, it’s no wonder that cancer patients easily feel sad, stressed, and so on. Cancer patients also become more sensitive about feelings.

This may arise because he feels he is not ready to receive a doctor’s diagnosis or is not ready to undergo treatment that will drain the physical, energy, time and cost. At times like this, of course the presence of the closest people is needed. But your presence is not just as simple. You also have to be careful not to offend the heart of the person with cancer.

Strengthening People Who Have Cancer

If you have a friend or relative who has cancer, don’t even talk about his physical changes before him. People who have cancer will indeed change physically. Surely he already knew this. So the people around him do not need to remind him again with a stale base about decreasing body weight or losing hair gradually.

According to research, cancer patients will usually feel sad or worse because of changes in appearance. You as the closest person do not need to show this to him. It’s better to just accompany them in treatment and treat them as healthy people.

People who have cancer also need strength. You should never equate the condition of a cancer patient with others. For example, by giving members to know about drugs that have been used successfully in other patients. Of course people with cancer do not always have the same conditions. In addition, the types of cancer are also different. Although the same also remains a difference in the nature of cancer in the patient’s body.

Of course only medical personnel can know about this difference. If you want to provide strength for cancer patients, you should take more time to accompany patients. Then often ask about what he feels right now. Of course this will be more helpful than knowing how to equalize the condition of patients with other patients.

For cancer patients themselves, you can still live life as usual with great strength. But of course there are some changes that must be made to maintain your health. For example by maintaining a diet pattern. One type of diet that can be done is by food combining.

In this diet, a diet that is specific and in accordance with the body’s metabolism has been applied. Of course this can help the digestion and absorption of food, as well as the disposal process that is in accordance with the needs and metabolism of the body. Setting meal times and adjusting the right diet are the hallmarks of this food combining method. People who apply this diet will also feel healthier than before.

Association that Helps Cancer Patients
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Association that Helps Cancer Patients

All of us have often heard about cancer. This one disease does have big side effects. Not only physical changes will be experienced by cancer patients, but he also must live with the risk of death. Therefore, cancer patients usually not only experience physical pain, but also mentally depressed.

This is where support and attention is needed from the people around him. During the long treatment process, cancer patients will need assistance. At present many associations have emerged that provide assistance for cancer patients. The following are some of them.

Association that Provide Aid to Cancer Patients

One of the most known association that are preventing cancer and also giving information about it is none other than the world cancer research fund international. This organization is known as a not to profit organization that solely made to make sure the cancer disease are prevented and also giving public health policy regarding cancer.

Additionally, this organization will also giving research regarding weight, diet, physical activity to people so that they will be able to prevent cancer on the first place. The founder of this organization are known as Marilyn Gentry. This organization was founded in the year of 1999 which means it is almost 20 years ago. This organization itself are located in the united kingdom specifically in the city of London.

Additionally, this organization have many branch other than the main headquarters. We can find the branch from USA, Hong Kong and Netherlands as well. There are many kinds of programme that this organization has to offer from giving detailed research that giving information that cancer can stem from weight, physical activity and also diet as well.

Other than the WCRF there are CFAC or known as Cancer financial assistance coalition. Unlike the WCRF which is solely giving help by giving information on how to prevent cancer and also researching cancer in a more detailed manner, CFAC help directly the cancer patients by giving them financial assistance. This will make sure that the cancer patients will not need to worry about their remainder day.

With some of the organization that we are know in this article we make sure that cancer patients will have nothing to worry of. There are many kinds of people that will help cancer patient to their best, which means it is never too late to have a hope and fight for your life in the future.

Things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation
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Things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation

As we know that there are so many associations committed to supporting cancer survivors and their loved ones. However, the number of associations which focus on the prevention of cancer seems still limited. One such association is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Below are the things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

– What is the Prevent Cancer Foundation?
The Prevent Cancer Foundation is based in US and is a nonprofit organization which devotes to early detection and prevention of cancer. This association was founded in 1985. The main mission of this nonprofit organization is to save many people through the actions of early detection and prevention. Hence, the vision of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is stopping cancer before it starts.

Apparently, the Prevent Cancer Foundation has got so many awards during its dedication to cancer issues. The awards include the Guidestar’s platinum seal of Transparency which is accredited as charity institution with the Better Business Bureau, and the highest honors coming from the Charity Watch and Navigator. According to some reports, there are approximately seventy-nine cents from each dollar used for supporting the programs of this association.

– Four Areas of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Work
There are so many programs conducted by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Basically, all of the efforts done by this association are based on four areas. The areas are research, education, outreach, and advocacy. The first area is research. So, this area means that the Prevent cancer Foundation tries to fund fellowships and crucial research grants towards several reputable academic institutions and also medical centers in the U.S.

By doing so, the association intends to identify and fund any innovative inventions in order to give a significant contribution to the early detection and prevention of cancer. The second is education. What is meant by this area is that the association aims to provide information based on the evidence pertaining to anything you can do to prevent or detect cancer at the early stage through vaccinations, medical screenings, or healthy lifestyle choices.

Things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation

The last area is the outreach. This area means that the Prevent Cancer Foundation wants to reach out to many communities by means of various grants and programs. Through such things, the association will be able to fund in national and global scale as well as act locally. To help implementing beneficial programs, it is essential to empower people who really know their communities.

The last area is advocacy. In this area, the association intends to engage policymakers through advocacy. By doing so, the enactment of regulation and laws are promoted and it supports the needs of survivors of cancer and their loved ones.

Those are the things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The existence of such foundation has been giving very impactful benefits in cancer-related issues.

What You Should Know about the Cancer and Careers
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What You Should Know about the Cancer and Careers

Many issues pertaining to cancer have been a very serious thing to focus on. Many people with cancers might lose their motivation and confidence in continuing their life, including their careers. Further, many unfair treatments are often found in workplace towards cancer survivors. One of the associations who want to cope with this problem is the Cancer and Careers. So, here is the explanation about what you should know about the Cancer and Careers.

Why are the Cancer and Careers Established?
Currently, the number of people with cancer in the US has been rapidly increasing. Hence, the need for support and resources to motivate people with cancer and their loved ones is increasing as well. They need lots of support and motivation to trigger them going back to the meaningful everyday life and work after getting the diagnosis and treatment.
Seeing that reality, the Cancer and Careers aims to empower as well as educating the people with cancer to thrive in their workplace. The endeavors are done by providing interactive tools, educational events, and expert advice.

There are some other issues why the association between Cancer and Careers is formed. First, it is because the fact shows that almost fifty percent of cancer survivors are of working age. Second, some researches show that twenty percent of people with cancer still report work limitations affected by the cancer-related problem one to five years after the diagnosis. The third one is because there have been 855 cancer discrimination claims received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2017.

What are the Impacts of Cancer and Careers?
There are some significant impacts which have been created since the establishment of this association. First, there are more than 525.000 individuals access expert information, resources and support online, printed and in person annually.

Second, there is ninety-nine percent of the association’s program participants in 2017 who stated that they can use what the have learned in their everyday activities. Third, there are 133.424 dollars in travel grants which have brought approximately two hundred and six scholarship receivers. They come from forty-seven states to the National Conference since 2012.
There are so many sponsors who have been supporting the programs held by the Cancer and Careers. The sponsors include Chanel, Inc., The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, MaCher, Shiseido Americas, L’Oréal USA, Firmenich, Allure, Kaplow, Nordstrom, Target, Seattle Genetics, Avon, Genetech, Tweezerman, and many more.

That is about what you should know about the Cancer and Careers. Many supports should be given to such an association.

Look Good and Feel Good with Cancer
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Look Good and Feel Good with Cancer

Cancer is said to be a deadly disease and many people might not survive once they are diagnosed with cancer. If you are living with cancer, you don’t need to worry since those rumors are not true, and you can still look good and feel good with cancer.

Share Your Fear
When you first time hear that you have cancer, you might think that your life has just ended. It will be worse when other people around you treat you differently than before you are diagnosed with cancer. Since lots of people comforted you, you will act tough as if you don’t have cancer at all. It is actually not a bad thing, but it will remind you constantly with cancer itself.

To feel better, you need to bear in mind that it is OK to not feel OK sometimes, and it is better if you can share your fear to other people. IHadCancer blog is the best place if you want to share your fear of having cancer. Not only sharing your fear, but you can also hear other people story about having cancer and it might inspire you to fight cancer itself. You can also get the peer-to-peer support by joining as a member here.

Support Other People with Cancer
Having cancer is not an excuse to stop to do good to other people, especially to other people with cancer. You can still help them by sharing your daily battle with cancer. You can also share how you undergo the treatment to beat cancer. By doing this, you can inspire other people with cancer and you might remind them that they are not alone in this world.
Another thing that you can do to support other people with cancer is to buy some products to wear during your treatment, like a t-shirt, mug, notebook, or tote bag with motivational quotes and the like. There are lots of t-shirt with great quotes to lift you up, like in the IHadCancer blog. By wearing the t-shirt, you can inspire other cancer survivor and you can also help to fund the cancer treatment by buying the t-shirt.

You don’t need to be discouraged when you are diagnosed with cancer. You can still look good and feel good with cancer, and hopefully, you can control cancer itself. All you need to remember that cancer won’t stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Prevent Cancer and Help Cancer Patients
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Prevent Cancer and Help Cancer Patients

Cancer is a dangerous disease that can be experienced by anyone. This one disease usually appears as a result of bad habits that have been carried out for years. Cancer can also be a long-term effect of consuming unhealthy foods for years. How to prevent cancer is to move a lot.

Because the risk of cancer will increase if the body is less actively moved. Therefore, outside activities must be done occasionally. Especially for people who live in big cities. WHO itself has stated that lack of physical activity is the fourth highest cause of death in the world. To avoid dangerous cancer, start preventing through exercise.

Prevent Cancer and Help Sufferers

There are various types of cancer that can be experienced by humans. General prevention methods can be diligent in doing physical activities. But the focus of activities carried out certainly varies depending on the type of cancer you want to prevent. For example, for breast cancer.

Research shows that women who actively move have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Especially for women who have experienced menopause. This physical activity can prevent cancer growth through increasing body immunity, lowering hormone levels, and keeping the body weight more ideal. You can do effective physical activity for 30-60 per day.

Besides breast cancer, there are also other types of cancer that can be prevented by diligently exercising. For example, like colon cancer. Moving actively can avoid the inflammatory factors that cause colon cancer. Research reveals that people who have physical activity for 30-60 minutes a day can prevent the risk of colon cancer 30% – 40% compared to those who do not.

Likewise with lung cancer. People who are actively moving usually have a 20% lower risk of developing lung cancer. Of course this type of lung cancer is more avoidable if decide to stop smoking.

Many moves can indeed prevent cancer. But what about cancer patients who have been forced to experience their current condition? We can still help through inviting them to move physically. Surely there is no need to be too heavy. Physical activity for cancer patients with guidance from doctors can help the healing process.

Many moves will reduce fatigue, improve mood, reduce the risk of depression, and can restore strength and endurance to people who have cancer. The physical activities carried out are simple, can take the form of walking around the house or housework such as sweeping or ironing. Sports activities for cancer patients can be done at least 10 minutes per day or if possible 60 minutes per day for children and adolescents.

The CancerCare, a Great Association Working in Cancer Issues
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The CancerCare, a Great Association Working in Cancer Issues

Nowadays, there are so many associations which are established in order to deal with cancer issues. One of the best associations in the CancerCare. This association has been organized well and done many successful programs to support cancer survivors and their loved ones. So, here is the explanation of the CancerCare, a great association working in cancer issues.

What is the CancerCare?
This association is committed to giving special attention towards cancer issues is the CancerCare. This association involves professional oncology social workers who are very concerned about providing free emotional and practical support for the people who have cancer, the caregivers, the bereaved, and the loved ones.
The CEO of the CancerCare is Patricia J. Goldsmith. She argues that giving free support services such as what the CareCare does are very important for the people who are affected by cancer and the people in their surroundings.

Various Programs the CancerCare Conducts
There is a counseling service provided by the CancerCare. In this program, the staff of professional oncology social workers will guide people with cancer and their loved ones to manage their emotional and practical actions in dealing with cancer.

Then, there are also support groups in this organization. The support groups are led by the professional oncology social workers. Through the support groups, the people with cancer and their loved ones will be able to connect with other people who have the similar situations so that they can share experiences and meaningful information pertaining to cancer issues.
The more attractive service that this organization provides is connecting education workshops. Such workshops refer to the one-hour workshops conducted by the CancerCare to listen in live by telephone or online applications. Through such workshops, the experts of cancer will have a medium to provide up-to-date and depth information pertaining to cancer issues.

Furthermore, the records of the past workshops will be able to be listened by accessing this website of this organization. It would be better to now deep information about cancer issues as early as  can. Besides, there are also several publications released by this organization. The products are written by oncology experts. All of the publications are in the form of fact sheets and easy-to-read booklets. The information included in those publications is very reliable, complete, and also up-to-date.

That is the information about the CancerCare, a great association working in cancer issues. The number of such association needs to be increased in the future.

Living with Cancer
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Living with Cancer

Are you diagnosed with cancer? Do you feel like your life ends after you hear the news? Don’t be! There are more than 10 million people in this world who are fighting with cancer and rather than giving up, fight against it! Here are several things that will motivate you if you are living with cancer.

Living with Cancer is not a Blessing
Cancer is a terrifying disease that will change your life completely. If you are thinking that living with cancer is such a blessing, don’t! When you think that way, you will be likely to give up on the situation and you won’t try your best to beat cancer.

When you hear the diagnosis for the first time, you need to try your best to know more about it. Ask as many questions as you can and find the best doctor who can help your treatment. You also need to pay attention to your lifestyle and find the best diet plan for you. Remember to always do your best to fight cancer instead of just sitting back and accepting your fate.

Get Supports
Living with cancer can be very scary and you need others to help you to keep you sane. Getting love from family and friends might not be enough, and the best thing to do is to talk to other people with cancer since they will understand what you feel better.

Read Motivational Stories of Cancer Survivors
Cancer is actually not a deadly disease once you can do your best in fighting it. There are always chances to survive and some people with cancer have proven it. To lift up your spirit, you can read the motivational stories from those cancer survivors, like from blogs.

One of the best blogs that will motivate you to fight against cancer is Blog for a Cure. In this blog, you will find more than 6000 members who are in a battle with their cancer. You can also find the members who have successfully beat cancer. Through this blog, you can share all of your fear and worries here and other members will do the same. You will find that you are not alone in this world and you still have a chance to be free from cancer.

Living with cancer can feel bad at first. But, you cannot lose hope and live your life the most as your battle against cancer.

Inspirational Blogs About Cancer Survivors to Get More Hope
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Inspirational Blogs About Cancer Survivors to Get More Hope

Do you know what else can help cancer survivors to keep fighting the disease besides medication? Support from the family will definitely help. Also, other people inspirational stories, also can burn the spirit up. If you in need of this kind of inspirations, you should check these inspirational blogs about cancer survivors.

– – Treating Yourself
This blog has articles about motivation and self-medication. In the article of Treating Yourself, the writer of this blog wants to share a method that can help cancer survivors while dealing with a long process of medication.

Sometimes, the root of the disease is not within the body but within the mind. It can be caused by the personal problem that affects the mind and emotional state of somebody, including cancer disease. So, emotional healing can be suitable as the treatment. This healing method can be a perfect treatment to do, along with the medication process.

This blog, especially this article will explain this kind of method of healing in detail. If you are interested, you can read the article. Who knows that this kind of treatment is suitable for you.

Similar to the previous blog, this blog also talks about motivation. People with a chronic disease such as cancer, may feel sad or down when the doctor diagnoses him but this motivation article that tells about a story of brain cancer patient maybe can be a motivation.

The patient said that emotion is an important aspect of healing, so he tried to be happy all of the time. He also tried to be calm when he knows that he has a cancer disease. Not only that, but he also says that he did the activities just as usual, just like if he didn’t have such deathly disease. He just tried to maintain a healthier life cycle, such as doing sports and having enough time to get a rest.

Inspirational Blogs About Cancer Survivors to Get More HopeHe also emphasised that positive thought is something that people should keep in mind. A positive thought that he could be recovered from brain cancer and can be healthy, should be had by cancer survivors. So, they can keep their life spirit high so their life expectancy will be increased too.

Those inspirational blogs about cancer survivors will definitely help cancers survivors to stay strong and keep doing the medication. They will also bring the hopes that people who diagnosed with cancer can survive and be recovered. Keep believing!

Motivational Stories of Cancer Survivors, Lit Your Spirit Up!
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Motivational Stories of Cancer Survivors, Lit Your Spirit Up!

Being down because of diagnosed having cancer or there is a family member who diagnosed with cancer? If you want to survive and get recovered, you should read some of these motivational stories of cancer survivors. Just don’t let your hope vanished.

Indah, Social Workers in Yogyakarta
Indah is a social worker in a women organization in Yogyakarta. She always helps many women to be independent and strong. However, she was diagnosed by the doctor that she has ovarian cancer, after experiencing some signs such as the stomach growing big and easily tired. She was down at that time, moreover when the doctor said that the ovarian should be taken. Indah did not want to do the operation which was suggested by the doctor and chose to have alternative medication.

She did the alternative medication for several years with no better result. Then she decided to have the operation and also did other medication suggestions for a cancer patient. Then, five years after diagnosed by the doctor, she was fully recovered and passed the laboratory test of cancer. Now, she can continue her work as social workers and she also helps other cancer survivors to fight their diseases. She also becomes the chairperson of a cancer foundation for Yogyakarta area.

Emi, Lymph Node Cancer Survivor
Lymph node cancer is well known as aggressive cancer and it spreads rapidly. Many lymph node cancer survivors feel down after knowing that they have this kind of cancer, but not for Emi. She was diagnosed with lymph node cancer when she was 32. In the beginning, she met three doctors and three of them diagnosed her with breast cancer. However, Emi didn’t believe them and go to the fourth doctor who diagnosed him with lymph node cancer.

After that, Emi did all of the medication to get rid cancer for two years. She did the operation and also the chemo. She never gave up because she believed that she can be recovered. She fought the disease with the help of her family who never stopped to cheer her up. Finally, after a long journey and fight, Emi could pass the laboratory test and she recovered.
Read and share these motivational stories of cancer survivors. They can light your spirit up so you can fight your disease. Help other cancer survivors to never give up on any situation, just like them in these stories. Don’t forget that miracle does exist.