Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer – When we heard the news, we may want to visit them immediately or maybe to send an encouraging gift. However, most of us tend to get lost. We don’t know what to do and what to say. According to the experts, the following ways should help you in delivering support without creating bad atmosphere.
• Ask First
Whenever you want to visit, it is important to ask them first. Is it a good time for you to visit or your friend wants some private time? Don’t take it personally when your friend refuses or cancel during last minutes. With this diseases, everything is unpredictable.

• You Need a Phone Team
Just as customer care in online casinos like, you can point someone to keep in touch with your friend. He or she should deliver the update on your friend status and condition to the others. This should help your friend from the obligation to update the circle.

• Some Aid on the Daily Errands
Most people with cancer hesitate to ask for this, but they actually need help in daily basis. You can offer to help in several errands or tasks like doing the laundry, picking up the kids from school, or grocery shopping and babysitting.

Here is How to Give Some Support to Friends Diagnosed with Cancer

• Listen to Your Friend
Diagnosed with cancer, your friend may need someone to talk to. All you need to do is listen without the need to judge or to lead your friend to feel or think in certain way. If you don’t know what to say, this can be a huge help that you can offer.

• Never Compare
In cancer, every person may have different condition and symptoms. When your friend tells you all about it, you shouldn’t compare it. Someone else in your circle may have the same disease, but the entire details can be different. In addition to it, comparing illnesses is never helpful.

The Ins and Outs of Cancer: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


Not only in Indonesia, cancer is a deadly disease. There are many types of cancer, ranging from breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, and many more. Women and men, including one can avoid the risk of cancer, unless he has a healthy lifestyle and does not have children who suffer from cancer.

Before that, it helps you understand what the definition of cancer itself is. Cancer is a disease that is triggered by the proliferation of abnormal cells and the number is very large/uncontrolled, so that normal body tissues become damaged/non-functioning. If normal cells will die and replace with new cells, it is different from cancer cells which continue to multiply until the number is out of control. Because the number of cells is very large, there are also many types of cancer, there are even recorded at least 200 different types of cancer.

In general, there are 2 recorded causes of cancer, namely internal or hereditary factors and external factors such as a poor lifestyle, hormonal changes, and exposure to viruses. Heredity ranks first as a cause of cancer. Then related to the age factor, people aged 65 years and over have the potential to develop cancer. However, that does not mean that young people will be free from cancer, because lifestyle also plays a role in developing cancer cells. Bad lifestyles such as consuming too much alcohol, casual sex, obesity, and excessive sun exposure should be avoided in order to avoid the risk of cancer. If you are in an environment that is exposed to harmful chemicals, you must also be vigilant, because these substances can trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Health workers note that the most common signs experienced by people with cancer vary. Starting from the appearance of unusual lumps, changing skin conditions, sudden weight loss, coughing accompanied by shortness of breath that does not stop, unusual bleeding occurs, pain appears for no reason, and many more. If you find any of these symptoms in yourself or someone close to you, you should immediately see a doctor. So that it can be detected early, so that treatment becomes faster.

Regarding cancer treatment, it also varies, depending on the severity, the patient’s general level of health, and the patient’s own choices. The most common treatment is chemotherapy, a treatment that uses high doses of chemicals to kill the growth of cancer cells. However, chemotherapy also has side effects that you should also be aware of, so consult your doctor. The second option for cancer treatment is radiotherapy, a treatment using radiation with high energy waves. Not only cancer, radiotherapy can also be used to treat tumors and problems with the thyroid gland.

What You Can Do
Everyone certainly does not want to get cancer, although indeed everyone has the potential to get cancer, either because of heredity or a bad lifestyle. However, it is better to do prevention as early as possible by implementing a healthy lifestyle. Starting from quitting smoking, not being exposed to excessive sunlight, consuming nutritious food, multiplying fruits and vegetables, maintaining an ideal body weight, and having regular health check-ups.
In addition to being deadly, cancer is also a disease that costs quite a lot of money to cure and treat. Therefore, apply a healthy life as described previously.

Cancer That Affects Many Women

Cancer That Affects Many Women

We all know that cancer is the third most deadly disease in Indonesia. Many victims fall because it is too late to detect signs of cancer. So that only given treatment when it has entered an advanced stage. There are 2 causes of cancer, namely environmental (external) and hereditary (internal). However, causes that come from the environment have the potential to develop cancer cells more quickly in the body. at least in 2018 it was recorded by the WCRF that there were 8.5 million women with cancer. Then, what are the cancers that women must be wary of? Here’s the information for you:

  1. Cervical cancer
    Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that is transmitted through skin contact, such as social activities. These cancer cells will later infect the skin, genitals, anus, mouth, and throat. Who has the potential to get cervical cancer? Women who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases as a result of changing sexual partners frequently. Not only that, women who become active smokers are also predicted to be 2x more likely to get cervical cancer. The use of oral contraceptives (KB pills) and getting pregnant at a young age also have the potential to get cervical cancer.
  2. Colorectal cancer
    The growth of cancer cells that attack the colon generally lasts 10-15 years. So most elderly women are potentially affected by colorectal cancer. Several causes are known to trigger the growth of colorectal cancer cells, namely infrequent exercise, obesity, diabetes, active smoking, heredity, and others.
  3. Uterine cancer
    When compared to cervical cancer, uterine cancer cases are more common in women aged 40 years and over. Some triggers for uterine cancer are endometrial hyperplasia, diabetes, being overweight, having breast cancer, and so on.
  4. Lung cancer
    In 2018 there were 26,095 people who died from lung cancer, and the most deaths among other cancers. Not only in men, 80% of women also have the potential to develop lung cancer. Several things that trigger the growth of lung cancer cells are active and passive smokers, family members who suffer from lung cancer, being in an environment contaminated with harmful chemicals, and so on.
  5. Breast cancer
    1:8 Indonesian women have the potential to get breast cancer. Even the WCRF in 2018 released data that there were 25.4% of new breast cancer cases. This cancer can affect both men and women, but women are 100 times more likely than men. Then, this cancer generally attacks women who menstruate under the age of 12 years and experience menopause at the age of 50 years. Dense breast conditions also make breast cancer detectors more difficult to detect cancer cells, because they contain more connective tissue than fat. In addition, if there is a biological family member who suffers from breast cancer, it is likely that other families are also affected or have offspring. What you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer is to maintain a stable weight, by exercising and eating nutritious foods. Staying away from cigarettes and secondhand smoke can also reduce the risk of breast cancer. For mothers giving birth, you should give your little one breast milk, because it can reduce your risk of breast cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease, which can come from heredity or bad living habits. Our job is just to keep our lives healthy, by diligently exercising, eating healthy foods, and managing stress well.

Want to Avoid Cancer? These are the things you need to know about chronic cancer


Cancer is a disease that must be avoided by many people. Because this disease is already well known everywhere. Not only in Indonesia, this disease has also spread to various countries in the world.
Therefore, even cancer sufferers should know this. Because by understanding this, you can know how to treat cancer. As for some things about cancer you can see below:

Cancer Diagnosis
Sometimes in diagnosing cancer, there are many ways that can be done by doctors. First, usually the doctor will ask about what symptoms are felt by the patient. Of course, every patient has different symptoms. In addition, you can also do some tests to check how malignant the cancer is. Starting from laboratory tests, imaging tests to biopsy. Laboratory tests can be started by doing blood and urine tests. In addition, doctors are also allowed to conduct an examination of cancerous tumors that can be useful for detecting cancer. Then the next test can be done with imaging tests starting from ultrasound x-rays, st scans to MRI.

This is necessary so that you can see for yourself what the problematic organ is. Then the last test can be done by doing a biopsy. This biopsy can be done by taking a sample of body tissue. If you have done the test, the level of cancer will be divided into four, namely stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the symptoms experienced. Therefore, you should look at the levels that have just been given. Keep in mind the spread of cancer can actually take place quickly. So for those of you who are at a difficult level, just start taking some precautions.

Types of Cancer Treatment
Basically in treating cancer can be done in various ways. But this can be seen in advance where the cancer is located. First, chemotherapy is one of the methods used to destroy cancer cells. Then the second can be done with cancer surgery, usually by cutting to remove the cancerous tissue. Then the third way can ask the patient to do radiotherapy. This method can be done by using radiation rays that are useful for killing cancer cells. Radiotherapy itself will be divided into 2 types, starting from radiation from machines that are outside the body or can be said as external radiotherapy. Then the last type can be by inserting radiation into the body which can be called brachytherapy.

There is also a fourth way by doing a bone marrow transplant. Usually the patient’s bone marrow will be asked to be replaced with bone marrow from a donor. This allows your body to produce new cells and free from cancer. Then there is immunotherapy or what can be said as biological therapy. This biologic therapy aims to activate the immune system so that it can fight cancer easily. In addition, there is also hormone therapy that can be used for patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer. Of course in treating cancer there are some things that need to be known. Hopefully this article can give you a better understanding of cancer. How? Got it, didn’t you?

Here are some of the causes and symptoms of chronic cancer


Cancer is a dangerous disease that can even cause death. In Indonesia itself, there are so many people who have lost their lives. But to find out cancer is easy.
Of course you have to know in advance what are the symptoms of cancer. One way to find out is to be able to check your health regularly. How? Already curious about various things?

Sometimes one of the causes of cancer is that there are genetic changes or mutations in cells. Usually from these changes that make cells become abnormal again as usual. There are various ways to destroy these cells, which can be adapted to each mechanism. But it’s different if the mechanism fails then the cell can become out of control. So this can cause various types of cancer. Basically, cancer does not have a type, but it can happen because of one thing.

What are the Factors?
There are many factors that can cause you to have cancer. Starting from having a history of internal disease. Or it could be because having an age over 65 years can be susceptible to cancer. In fact, cancer can not only attack parents, but children can also get cancer. In addition, smoking can also be one of the factors that cause people to get cancer.
As for other factors such as exposure to radiation ranging from chemicals such as asbestos to benzene or it could be due to sunlight. In addition, cancer can occur due to dangerous viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HPV.
There are also other factors that cause cancer, such as having high or long-term hormone levels. In addition, there are also factors of obesity, lack of movement and may experience chronic inflammatory diseases.

What are the Symptoms?
Basically the symptoms of this cancer do vary but can be adjusted to each body. Starting from there is a lump, there is pain in the body, pale, weak, tired quickly. And may experience drastic weight loss. There are also other symptoms that can be felt such as bowel obstruction, bowel obstruction. In addition, there are symptoms of chronic cough, fever that repeats continuously to bruising.

When to Go to the Doctor?
Usually everyone who has one of the symptoms of cancer must also come to the doctor. At least this needs to be done to carry out screening to carry out various other examinations. Regular check-ups with the doctor can be one way to find out what the current situation is like. Of course, if you already know you have one of the symptoms of cancer, you don’t need to worry, but you can just do treatment. This treatment is needed to find out how effective the treatment is. Even though the patient has recovered, the patient must be checked regularly. This avoids that there is no cancer attached to it. The presence of some of the explanations above can also help you understand what the symptoms are. Hopefully some of these explanations can give you a better understanding. How? Hopefully this article can be useful for readers. I understand?

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

Not many people during their lifetime have very good health. Especially for those who have breast cancer. This disease attacks many women. But the Adam also experienced it. But biologically, the disease often overshadows adult women.
Breast cancer is a disease that starts from the cells of the breast until it spreads to certain parts. The occurrence of cells in the breast organs seem to multiply abnormally. So that patients with this disease experience lumps around the breast. If not immediately treated further, the abnormal cells will loot to other organs of the body.
Causes of Breast Cancer

Health experts still do not know in detail the causes of breast cancer. But some of them reveal that the main cause is based on genes. and the following are some of the factors that cause the disease, including;

  1. Female gender is higher than male.
  2. Age growth.
  3. History on yourself.
  4. Descendants of the family.
  5. Being overweight.
  6. Early menstruation.
  7. Menopause in old age.
  8. Never been pregnant.
    Breast Cancer Symptoms
    Breast cancer sufferers may look a bit strange. And I feel it myself. Some researchers explain that there are several symptoms that overshadow these sufferers, including;
  9. The presence of a lump or mass around the breast.
  10. Changes in appearance, shape and size of the breasts.
  11. There is a depression in the skin of the breast.
  12. The occurrence of inversion around the nipple.
  13. Skin nipple peeling off.
  14. Redness appears on the skin of the breast.
    Some of these symptoms are bad habits for the Eve. But they need to do BSE (Monthly Breast Check, 10 Days Post Menstruation). Or in another way, they must see a doctor for consultation in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Breast Cancer Treatment
The breast cancer patients from one patient to another arguably quite varied. It depends on the thickness of the disease that has it. Usually patients in the early stages are not too severe. Because they only need to do regular medical checks or tests. While the patients who were sentenced to the final stage, it will make them more depressed because they have to struggle with drugs. Some patients who see the hospital or specialist doctors will be advised to immediately undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. However, if these two things still do not work well, then there must be special handling such as the operation path. In this way there are surgical procedures that lead to the lump (lumpectomy), removal of a number of lymph nodes (axillary lymph node dissection), removal of breast cells (mastectomy), to the removal of all lymph nodes (sentinel node biopsy). In addition, there are other ways that can be done, namely through the process of radiotherapy. This process requires X-rays and protons to kill cancer cells.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Several breast cancer specialists have repeatedly suggested that patients should not appear stressed or other things that cause a decrease in hormones in the body’s organs. The process of early prevention is mandatory so that the disease does not come easily. It is enough for sufferers to do some positive activities a day starting from diligent exercise, maintaining a diet, managing rest times, eating nutritious and highly nutritious foods. Don’t forget to pray according to your respective beliefs.

Not only lumps, here are the characteristics of breast cancer

Not only lumps, here are the characteristics of breast cancer

Women who are suffering from breast cancer may look less comfortable and calm in living their days. But they can avoid the risk of the disease early on. Usually there is an unnatural lump around the breast. But know that people with this disease are not based on one thing.
The information below we deliberately present any characteristics that can cause breast cancer other than the presence of a lump, including;

  1. There is a Change in Breast Skin Texture
    The first characteristic is the occurrence of unnatural changes in the texture of the skin of the breast. Some of the changes that often appear include thickening of the breast skin, dryness of the areola and nipples and experiencing itching around the breast.
  2. Nipples Release Fluid
    Meanwhile, the nipple is more likely to secrete a search. Even though the patient is not breastfeeding. This is a disease process that grows from the start. The color of the liquid is very unnatural and different from the original. Sometimes the fluid is reddish, green, yellow or may be thick, milky white.
  3. There are Dimples
    The occurrence of breast cancer will be more visible when dimples begin to appear on the skin of the breast. If this happens, they will feel pain around the breast. Because the skin will look more swollen and even hollow. This happens because of inflammation that starts from cells or breast tissue.
  4. Lymph Nodes Change
    The next characteristic is that there are striking changes in the lymph nodes. In general, the gland functions as a catcher for cells and filters harmful fluids, including cancer cells, bacteria and viruses. Not only that, infections in these glands usually attack the area around the armpits.
  5. Breast Pain
    The process of wearing the correct bra will feel comfortable. But not for breast cancer patients. They will experience pain and a little pain when pressing the breast. This is a change in skin cells. And it is very risky if the condition is left without any special treatment.
  6. Sinking of the Nipples
    Breast cancer sufferers will feel strangeness in the nipples. Where this usually happens and does not take long. There is a change in the shape or size of the nipple. So that the nipples sink a little to the inside. However, this change occurs when they are about to end their menstrual period.
  7. Bruises on Breast Skin
    The next characteristic is that the breasts look bruised or reddish. Not only that, usually the color around the breast also changes according to the encouragement of the cells of the organ itself. The colors that often appear are purple, slightly bruised and bluish. But mostly what happens is red.
  8. Breasts Look Swollen
    And the last characteristic is that the breasts will look swollen. Sometimes the size of the two breasts looks different if it is really a risk of cancer. Usually one breast is a bit big and hard. This will trigger chronic disease of the breast.
    From some of the characteristics in the bag, the occurrence of breast cancer also often occurs unnaturally. Sometimes those who experience it are hereditary diseases, hormonal disorders and the like. So the next step is to see a doctor for further treatment.

How to reduce the risk of breast cancer

breast cancer

The women in Indonesia are listed as the most breast cancer sufferers in the world. Some research also states that this is considered very reasonable due to several factors ranging from genetics, heredity, diet, lifestyle and other factors.
Experiencing this disease is very uncomfortable in carrying out daily activities. In fact, the sufferer will look a little weak and stressed to the point of not having energy. However, this review will issue various ways so that they can reduce or distance themselves from the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Consume Foods Rich in Vitamins
    This first method is not only devoted to breast cancer prevention, but is very beneficial for health. The point is that eating foods rich in vitamins will make you need to look fit and healthy. In addition to breakfast, there are other types of fruit and vegetables that can be used as a loyal snack during leisure and other best times. It is recommended to do this every day to increase body thickness.
  2. Maintain Weight
    The second way is to maintain weight. The women will certainly be happier when they find themselves weighing between 50 and 75 kg. Because the weight is ideal. But when they are obese, then it may be a major trigger for breast cancer. It is highly recommended that you do not eat too many fatty foods and often drink at least 8 liters of water a day.
  3. Set Time To Exercise
    The third way is to set time to exercise either daily or periodically. Of course, removing a lot of sweat from the body will nourish the whole body. This is very important to reduce the risk of breast cancer. There is at least some time between 25 to 60 minutes to do this. And the best time to exercise is before 5 am or between 8 to 9 am. Because at that time all skin cells worked very well to eradicate all kinds of viruses and bacteria.
  4. Limiting Mager or Sitting Time
    This fourth method may sound a little strange. But it’s a very good thing to do. The Eve is not advised to continue – canal Mager (Lazy Motion). They need to limit sitting time even if it becomes a regular habit either in the kitchen, at work or in other activities. Try to keep going even though there are many rounds. Because the muscles in all organs of the body will react to remove the virus. And this condition is very good if it is always done every day.
  5. Reduce High Alcoholic Drinks
    And the last way that should be done again is to reduce the consumption of high alcoholic beverages. Based on research from the American Cancer Society, women who actively drink alcohol are less likely to develop breast cancer. Because the carbonation content in the drink seems to spread more quickly to all cells and breast tissue. And of course they will experience all kinds of bad things around the breast. So eliminating the habit will make them much healthier than the previous days.
    And of course the five ways were very mandatory if you do not want to experience breast cancer. If you find or experience ongoing pain around the breast, it is important to consult a breast specialist.

5 Types of Cancer to Watch Out for


As we all know, cancer is a chronic disease that can cause death. In fact, cancer is one of the biggest causes of death in the world. As is the case in Indonesia, there are many cancer patients with various types. In fact, every year cancer sufferers have increased quite drastically.

Given that there are so many types of cancer that do not cause certain symptoms, so when you feel excessive complaints, you just go to the doctor. Well, to anticipate the presence of cancer in our bodies, it is very important to know the types of cancer and how to prevent them.

  1. Lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. This cancer can affect both men and women. Most lung cancers are suffered by heavy smokers. However, secondhand smoke can also have the possibility of developing lung cancer.

Although lung cancer does not occur quickly, it would be better if you start now to reduce smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke. You can imagine with the amount of cigarette smoke that is inhaled into the lungs, of course the function of the lungs will not work properly.

  1. Breast cancer

In general, breast cancer often occurs in women. But it does not rule out the possibility of breast cancer can also be suffered by men. Which symptoms of breast cancer are easy to know, usually a small lump appears in the breast.

In fact, there are also some cases where many women are not aware of these symptoms, so the cancer in the breast can get bigger and give birth. The characteristics of a cancerous lump in the breast when touched will be painful. In addition, usually from the breasts also come out unusual fluid.

  1. Colorectal cancer

Maybe we still feel unfamiliar with this type of cancer. Because colorectal cancer is cancer that appears in the large intestine. This form of cancer is like a polyp that attaches to the wall of the colon.

Indeed, not all polyps can become cancer. But to anticipate this, if you feel the symptoms, it would be better if you immediately remove the polyp will not become cancer.

  1. Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is very common. Which as the name implies cervical cancer appears in the cervix. So that one of the causes of cervical cancer is due to sexual contact with other people who have cancer infection.
In other words, cervical cancer is very easy to spread. So to anticipate the existence of cervical cancer, do not be careless in having relationships with other people. In fear if the person is infected and can transmit.

  1. Liver cancer

Liver cancer has several types with different risks. However, the most common type of liver cancer and often used by the people of Indonesia is hepatocellular carcinoma. Usually this type of liver cancer often appears in someone who has other diseases such as chronic liver disease. This disease can be caused by being infected by Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B.

That’s 5 types of cancer that must be known and how to prevent it. Although actually there are many types of cancer that exist such as stomach cancer, oral cancer, eye cancer, blood cancer and many more. At least by knowing the types of cancer, we can find various information related to the causes and ways to prevent cancer.

Common Symptoms of Cancer Patients

Common Symptoms of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that can cause death. Because cancer is a chronic disease that is very difficult to treat. However, with cancer still relatively new there is still a possibility that it can be cured. However, there are also some cancers that have no symptoms, so their development cannot be detected.

At least we need to know what are the common symptoms of cancer suffered by most people. Although in general the symptoms of cancer differ depending on the type of cancer. Now, to find out more details regarding what are the common symptoms of cancer sufferers, see the following full review.

  1. Persistent cough

A cough accompanied by red or bloody saliva can be a symptom of the body when it is infected with sinusitis or bronchitis. But this symptom can also be a sign of lung cancer, head and neck cancer.

Usually a persistent cough that doesn’t stop within a month and in succession, could be a symptom of cancer. Therefore, if you feel these symptoms, it would be better if you immediately see a doctor to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

  1. Changing bowel habits

Changed bowel habits usually occur due to problems in the digestive tract, such as diet or consuming certain foods. Sometimes the symptoms of cancer are also almost the same, namely having different bowel habits but continue with excessive diarrhea.

In cancer sufferers, they will usually feel these symptoms in excess. In fact, after bowel movements and will feel the same for a long time. So if you feel these symptoms, it would be better if you check with a doctor as soon as possible to get a faster and more precise diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Blood in the stool

Blood discharge during bowel movements also needs to be watched out for. The reason is this is also one of the symptoms of cancer suffered. Although there are several other diseases that have the same symptoms as hemorrhoids. If this happens to you, immediately consult a doctor to get a maximum check. Usually to diagnose someone with these symptoms, an X-ray study is needed. It is hoped that it will give more definite results.

  1. Symptoms of Anemia

Another common symptom for cancer sufferers is the presence of anemia symptoms that cannot be properly explained. As we know, anemia is an internal disease caused by the small number of red blood cells. With these symptoms, of course, you should get an examination as soon as possible.

The reason is that many anemia is caused by cancer, so it is necessary to be aware that if you experience symptoms of anemia, you must immediately take proper and fast handling. Starting with checking with the doctor to find out what disease he is suffering from.

  1. There is a lump in the breast

Have a breast lump? You need to be vigilant, usually the lump in the breast is a tumor and cancer. Usually, the lump in the breast is in the form of a cyst and fibroadenoma. To find out more details regarding the lump in the breast, it is necessary to do an X-ray study. You can find more study on this website they also provide more online information.

To anticipate the presence of lumps in the breast, it is highly recommended as a woman to have her breasts checked by a doctor every month. Besides being able to anticipate, it can also get faster treatment if there are symptoms of cancer.

Important Information About Cancer

In a healthy body is a strong soul. That’s the old saying. But lately, health is the most important thing even more than just money. However, not all humans are classified as healthy either spiritually or physically. And what we will discuss this time is a disease that may cause the most fatal death, namely cancer.

As is known, cancer is a type of disease that is very dangerous for humans. The sufferers may not last long and can even die sooner. This disease is very unwanted by everyone, including you, of course. Cancer is the most evil cell that attacks human organs, be it the brain, skin, kidneys, heart, mouth and others.

Types of Cancer
The spread of the disease is very fast, even some health experts say that cancer sufferers can only spend the rest of their life with good fruit. Don’t let you be one of them, because that will only make you more frustrated to go through life. And keep in mind, here we have presented several types of cancer based on research from health experts, including;

  1. Spinal Marrow and Brain
    This first type of disease is very risky to the head. The chronology of the damaged cells will form the central nervous network. So that the organs of the brain will not run normally. Of course, people with this disease often consume less healthy foods.
  2. Leukemia
    Leukemia is more in the spinal cord tissue. Patients with this disease are usually very difficult to move. But it was not because they were physically exhausted, but the damaged cells had penetrated several other organs.
  3. Carcinoma
    This third type of cancer comes from tissues outside of the body’s organs or skin tissue. You could say that sufferers of this disease experience itching because of germs. However, these types of germs cannot be treated with antibiotics or ordinary antiseptics, but must be through a specialist.
  4. Sarcomas
    We can categorize this fourth disease as quite tragic. The cause of this disease is formed from a network of blood vessels, muscles, fat, bones and cartilage. Many people think that this sufferer is classified as a complication. So that they cannot carry out normal activities. Maybe even just waiting for death to occur.
  5. Myeloma and Lymphoma
    And this last type of cancer is born from immune cells. A person will look weaker even though they are not doing strenuous activities. The onset of this disease consists of several factors, the most common of which is infrequent exercise. So do not be surprised if this type of cancer is increasingly free in humans who are lazy to sweat.
    Target Cancer Patients

Actually, the age factor is just a number, because nowadays there are many ready-to-eat foods that can be obtained easily, practically and quickly. The sterilization of these foods has generated controversy. In the past, only over 40 years of age were the main targets for cancer. However, lately the disease has not been first seen.
Even a young age can experience it either from personal mistakes or maybe heredity. The triggers for the disease start from unhealthy food and lifestyle. Nowadays many people spend drinking, smoking and staying up late. The site also makes an appeal on their site to always remind members to prioritize health and rest when playing gambling. But ironically, people with common illnesses are still busy carrying out their bad habits without considering what happens the next day.

Advice for you, never do negative things in everyday life. Especially on the physical side, you should love yourself to be free from cancer.

Must know, the chronology of the occurrence of liver cancer and how to treat it!

cancer treament doctor

The liver is the most important organ in humans. Without it, there was no way they could survive to breathe fresh air every day. But you need to know that many sufferers of a disease that can barely make them breathe easy, namely liver cancer. Basically, the liver has a sacred function for humans, the body’s organs function to neutralize and offer toxins in the stomach.

However, many events that can be said to be quite strange have happened until now. Where many people have consumed a variety of foods both regularly and maybe even at once. Is it because they want a new sensation or are just hooked on eating, of course no one will know. However, if it is continued, it actually makes it easier for liver cancer to survive in the body.

On this occasion we will share important information about the chronology of liver cancer that attacks humans and how it is treated. We think you need to know it as a personal provision so you don’t suffer from this disease.
Symptoms of Patients with Liver Cancer

Patients with liver cancer can be identified easily. Because since there is advanced technology from health experts, it makes it easier for everyone to avoid the disease. However, the onset of liver disease is visible in the skin color which begins to fade. In addition to decreased appetite, frequent vomiting and nausea are not clear. The more – the more the color of the eyes starts to become yellowish – the color of the urine is getting darker like hot water, causing unnatural itching on the skin.

These symptoms are the most common, but now there are many strange symptoms that are difficult to check for a general practitioner. Therefore, people with liver disease must consult a liver specialist. Because they already know many things about the disease.

Treatment Needs to be Done
There are many treatment methods that can be used for people with liver disease if they do not have enough money to go to a specialist. And below we deliberately present some natural ways that can be used as references, including;

  1. Sambiloto
    Sambiloto is a type of plant that is often found, especially in rural areas. The leaves are just picked and then dried for 5 minutes until they start turning yellow. Then just boil it and consume it every day or as needed.
  2. Temulawak
    Temulawak is a traditional food ingredient which is still legendary. Apart from treating the liver, this type of spice also has many benefits for the human body. The way to use it is the same as Sambiloto, but you only need to add soursop leaves to get maximum results.
  3. Handlers
    If the two leaves above are still difficult to find, then this last option is definitely in various places. How to drink it is also the same as the two leaves above. However, it is recommended that these rebut leaves be drunk every day and should not be too late.

Some of the ways to treat liver disease above are widely known, especially by Indonesians. However, some foreigners have also consumed it either for the treatment of disease or just to strengthen the body’s immunity.

However, please note that if the above treatment methods are not effective. We recommend that you contact a specialist. And if the antiseptic and antibiotic treatment is still lacking, then the last option is to enter the operating room.

Different Treatment Options for Cancer

Different Treatment Options for Cancer

Different Treatment Options for Cancer – Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that many people are afraid of. The reason is because there are a lot of different kinds of cancer. As a matter of fact, you can say that there is cancer for every parts of your body. Yes, it is because cancer is caused by the mutated cells inside the body. So, as long as your body has the cancer cell, even the slightest one, then there is a possibility that you can get the cancer. For your information, there are actually some treatment options that you can choose if you have been sentenced with cancer.

The first one can be considered as the most common one. It is the surgery. Basically, this kind of treatment is something that you need to do if there is nothing else that you can do. It is because the surgery is basically to remove the cancer cells from inside of your body. However, the succession rate is not 100 percent either. It is because when you are taking the cancer cells out, there is a possibility that the cells have spread out to some other parts of your body. That is why this treatment is considered as the last resort that you can take.

The second one is the radiation treatment. As some of you might have known, the radiation treatment is used to kill the cancer cells inside your body through the process of radiation. This treatment is great if your cancer condition is still below the mid-level. It means that the cancer cells can still be killed with the radiation. One thing that made many people choose the radiation treatment is because they will not feel the pain from the treatment even though they have to do it over and over again.

The last treatment is the chemotherapy. The chemo can be considered as the lightest and the earliest stage of cancer treatments. It is because the treatment consists only of the drug consumption. You can either have the medicines to swallow or some other substances to be injected inside your veins. Both are not scary at all. However, you need to know that this treatment is perfect for those who have the early stage of cancer. If means if your cancer is higher than the early stage, then the treatment is not something that you can choose. You can choose radiation if you think that your cancer condition is worse.

Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy

Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy

Here is What You Must Know before Your First Chemotherapy – Your oncologist may already gave you all the necessary information from drugs to side effects and your possible frequency of chemotherapy. However, you may still find that you are restless, afraid, and you may have many questions but don’t know how to ask. Here are some tips to make your first chemotherapy experience more comfortable.
• Eat Light First
As it happens on many patients, chemo can lead to digestion problem. The best way to keep you fit and to make sure this treatment works ultimately, eat nutritious meal first. It is best to eat around three or four hours before the treatment, and eat a lot of fiber to help your digestion.

• There Will be Blood Test
Every time before the treatment, you will need to take a blood test. Your white blood cells, your red blood cells, and your hemoglobin need to be counted to prevent complication. After the result comes out, you may or may not continue to chemo.

• You Can Ask Question
There will be several drugs included in the treatment. For this, you are allowed to ask questions about it. Most patients will wonder what drug they will take in and how it will feel, if there is any side effect and how you deal with it, and will it cure your cancer.

• There Will be Post Medication
After the chemotherapy, you will need to take some medication. Commonly, this medication is supposed to help with vomiting and nausea. You need to make sure you know how often and when you need to take this medication.

• You Need to Drink a Lot of Water after
The drug used in chemotherapy will dry the entire tissues of your body. To make it work, you need to stay hydrated. Unless you also have kidney problem, you need to drink around eight ounces of water per hour until your bed time.

There are actually more on this, but these should help you experience the first chemotherapy in most comfortable way. You need to stay hopeful and optimistic as it elevates your mood. With positive attitude, this treatment is proven to help so many patients.

Deadly but Common Cancers in the World

Deadly but Common Cancers in the World

Deadly but Common Cancers in the World – A lot of people are afraid of cancer because of the slight chance of survival. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different types of cancers that can easily attack the people. That is why you can say that all of the people are able to have cancer without being noticed at the beginning. For your information, there are actually some types of cancer that can be easily acquired by the people without a specific kind of cause. As an addition to that, those cancers are also something quite scary. Here are some of them.

The first one is breast cancer. All of you have known that this cancer is the real nightmare of all of the women in the world. The mortality rate is not that big, but the fact that this kind of cancer can surely ruin your life is something that all of the women never want to deal with. For your information, the number of the breast cancer victim around the world is reaching two million people. That is why this kind of cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous cancers in the world that are quite common.

The second one is the lung cancer. Talking about the number, the lung cancer actually has the similar number with the breast cancer. It is reaching two million people worldwide. However, the fact that only women who can get the breast cancer made the lung cancer placed on the second position. That is because the percentage is slightly lower than the breast cancer. Even though, you need to understand that there are a lot of causes of the lung cancer. The number one cause is the smoking habit. As an addition to that, the bad lifestyle is another thing that can easily cause the lung cancer.

the last but not least is the prostate cancer. A lot of people think that this kind of cancer is not that deadly, but they are totally wrong. As a matter of fact, the number of victims of prostate cancer is bigger than those of the heart cancer. That is because the prostate cancer is something affected by the things that you consume. It is a bit similar with the heart cancer, but you can say that the prostate cancer is worse because there are more things that can cause this kind of cancer. That is why you need to start thinking about consuming healthy foods starting from now on.

Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection?

Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection

Which Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection? – As soon as the pandemic spreads globally, health professionals are mapping the most vulnerable groups, among them are infants, children, pregnant women and elders. Further investigation reveals that cancer patients share similar risks, but certain only certain types show high vulnerability of getting infected. What are these special cancer types?
– Blood Cancer
In the latest joint study conducted by University of Birmingham and Oxford, the result indicates that blood cancer patients are more exposed to coronavirus infection. Responding to the finding, many health providers are taking extra precaution steps to ensure the safety of blood cancer patients’ treatment. As the process cannot be delayed, the prevention steps aim to minimize the coronavirus infection.
To access the result of the joint study, one should look in the document section in UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UKCCMP). In the report, the infection risk among blood cancer patients reaches 57%, which means that these patients will suffer severe effects once they are infected with coronavirus.

– Old Age
In addition to specific cancer type, the age of the patients also affects the survival rate from coronavirus. The older the cancer patients, the lower chance they have to survive the infection. Data has shown that those cancer patients above 80 years old are on the top chain of vulnerable group.

– Demographic Data
Thanks to the demographic data of cancer mortality rate in UKCCMP, the health practitioners could accurately map the vulnerability rate of cancer patients, especially when compared to solid tumor patients. Using the correlation results from the study, they could develop proper assessment. Similar approach is used by the poker players when they observe opponents’ cards.

Cancer Types Are More Liable to COVID19 Infection

Although the chance of survival among cancer patients are low, there is no findings related to the chance of getting infected by coronavirus. This is the first prevention barrier that should be tightened. Every effort should be done to sterilize the cancer center and the patients’ safety must be protected.

While the cure for COVID19 is still made in various laboratories, the positive cases keep rising. The initial vulnerable groups even expand to cancer patients as well. Those who have blood cancer and in older age group are the most fragile. To get better information on cancer patients’ vulnerability, further demographic data is collected.