Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

Not many people during their lifetime have very good health. Especially for those who have breast cancer. This disease attacks many women. But the Adam also experienced it. But biologically, the disease often overshadows adult women.
Breast cancer is a disease that starts from the cells of the breast until it spreads to certain parts. The occurrence of cells in the breast organs seem to multiply abnormally. So that patients with this disease experience lumps around the breast. If not immediately treated further, the abnormal cells will loot to other organs of the body.
Causes of Breast Cancer

Health experts still do not know in detail the causes of breast cancer. But some of them reveal that the main cause is based on genes. and the following are some of the factors that cause the disease, including;

  1. Female gender is higher than male.
  2. Age growth.
  3. History on yourself.
  4. Descendants of the family.
  5. Being overweight.
  6. Early menstruation.
  7. Menopause in old age.
  8. Never been pregnant.
    Breast Cancer Symptoms
    Breast cancer sufferers may look a bit strange. And I feel it myself. Some researchers explain that there are several symptoms that overshadow these sufferers, including;
  9. The presence of a lump or mass around the breast.
  10. Changes in appearance, shape and size of the breasts.
  11. There is a depression in the skin of the breast.
  12. The occurrence of inversion around the nipple.
  13. Skin nipple peeling off.
  14. Redness appears on the skin of the breast.
    Some of these symptoms are bad habits for the Eve. But they need to do BSE (Monthly Breast Check, 10 Days Post Menstruation). Or in another way, they must see a doctor for consultation in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Breast Cancer Treatment
The breast cancer patients from one patient to another arguably quite varied. It depends on the thickness of the disease that has it. Usually patients in the early stages are not too severe. Because they only need to do regular medical checks or tests. While the patients who were sentenced to the final stage, it will make them more depressed because they have to struggle with drugs. Some patients who see the hospital or specialist doctors will be advised to immediately undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. However, if these two things still do not work well, then there must be special handling such as the operation path. In this way there are surgical procedures that lead to the lump (lumpectomy), removal of a number of lymph nodes (axillary lymph node dissection), removal of breast cells (mastectomy), to the removal of all lymph nodes (sentinel node biopsy). In addition, there are other ways that can be done, namely through the process of radiotherapy. This process requires X-rays and protons to kill cancer cells.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Several breast cancer specialists have repeatedly suggested that patients should not appear stressed or other things that cause a decrease in hormones in the body’s organs. The process of early prevention is mandatory so that the disease does not come easily. It is enough for sufferers to do some positive activities a day starting from diligent exercise, maintaining a diet, managing rest times, eating nutritious and highly nutritious foods. Don’t forget to pray according to your respective beliefs.