Common Symptoms of Cancer Patients

Common Symptoms of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that can cause death. Because cancer is a chronic disease that is very difficult to treat. However, with cancer still relatively new there is still a possibility that it can be cured. However, there are also some cancers that have no symptoms, so their development cannot be detected.

At least we need to know what are the common symptoms of cancer suffered by most people. Although in general the symptoms of cancer differ depending on the type of cancer. Now, to find out more details regarding what are the common symptoms of cancer sufferers, see the following full review.

  1. Persistent cough

A cough accompanied by red or bloody saliva can be a symptom of the body when it is infected with sinusitis or bronchitis. But this symptom can also be a sign of lung cancer, head and neck cancer.

Usually a persistent cough that doesn’t stop within a month and in succession, could be a symptom of cancer. Therefore, if you feel these symptoms, it would be better if you immediately see a doctor to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

  1. Changing bowel habits

Changed bowel habits usually occur due to problems in the digestive tract, such as diet or consuming certain foods. Sometimes the symptoms of cancer are also almost the same, namely having different bowel habits but continue with excessive diarrhea.

In cancer sufferers, they will usually feel these symptoms in excess. In fact, after bowel movements and will feel the same for a long time. So if you feel these symptoms, it would be better if you check with a doctor as soon as possible to get a faster and more precise diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Blood in the stool

Blood discharge during bowel movements also needs to be watched out for. The reason is this is also one of the symptoms of cancer suffered. Although there are several other diseases that have the same symptoms as hemorrhoids. If this happens to you, immediately consult a doctor to get a maximum check. Usually to diagnose someone with these symptoms, an X-ray study is needed. It is hoped that it will give more definite results.

  1. Symptoms of Anemia

Another common symptom for cancer sufferers is the presence of anemia symptoms that cannot be properly explained. As we know, anemia is an internal disease caused by the small number of red blood cells. With these symptoms, of course, you should get an examination as soon as possible.

The reason is that many anemia is caused by cancer, so it is necessary to be aware that if you experience symptoms of anemia, you must immediately take proper and fast handling. Starting with checking with the doctor to find out what disease he is suffering from.

  1. There is a lump in the breast

Have a breast lump? You need to be vigilant, usually the lump in the breast is a tumor and cancer. Usually, the lump in the breast is in the form of a cyst and fibroadenoma. To find out more details regarding the lump in the breast, it is necessary to do an X-ray study. You can find more study on this website they also provide more online information.

To anticipate the presence of lumps in the breast, it is highly recommended as a woman to have her breasts checked by a doctor every month. Besides being able to anticipate, it can also get faster treatment if there are symptoms of cancer.