Important Information About Cancer

In a healthy body is a strong soul. That’s the old saying. But lately, health is the most important thing even more than just money. However, not all humans are classified as healthy either spiritually or physically. And what we will discuss this time is a disease that may cause the most fatal death, namely cancer.

As is known, cancer is a type of disease that is very dangerous for humans. The sufferers may not last long and can even die sooner. This disease is very unwanted by everyone, including you, of course. Cancer is the most evil cell that attacks human organs, be it the brain, skin, kidneys, heart, mouth and others.

Types of Cancer
The spread of the disease is very fast, even some health experts say that cancer sufferers can only spend the rest of their life with good fruit. Don’t let you be one of them, because that will only make you more frustrated to go through life. And keep in mind, here we have presented several types of cancer based on research from health experts, including;

  1. Spinal Marrow and Brain
    This first type of disease is very risky to the head. The chronology of the damaged cells will form the central nervous network. So that the organs of the brain will not run normally. Of course, people with this disease often consume less healthy foods.
  2. Leukemia
    Leukemia is more in the spinal cord tissue. Patients with this disease are usually very difficult to move. But it was not because they were physically exhausted, but the damaged cells had penetrated several other organs.
  3. Carcinoma
    This third type of cancer comes from tissues outside of the body’s organs or skin tissue. You could say that sufferers of this disease experience itching because of germs. However, these types of germs cannot be treated with antibiotics or ordinary antiseptics, but must be through a specialist.
  4. Sarcomas
    We can categorize this fourth disease as quite tragic. The cause of this disease is formed from a network of blood vessels, muscles, fat, bones and cartilage. Many people think that this sufferer is classified as a complication. So that they cannot carry out normal activities. Maybe even just waiting for death to occur.
  5. Myeloma and Lymphoma
    And this last type of cancer is born from immune cells. A person will look weaker even though they are not doing strenuous activities. The onset of this disease consists of several factors, the most common of which is infrequent exercise. So do not be surprised if this type of cancer is increasingly free in humans who are lazy to sweat.
    Target Cancer Patients

Actually, the age factor is just a number, because nowadays there are many ready-to-eat foods that can be obtained easily, practically and quickly. The sterilization of these foods has generated controversy. In the past, only over 40 years of age were the main targets for cancer. However, lately the disease has not been first seen.
Even a young age can experience it either from personal mistakes or maybe heredity. The triggers for the disease start from unhealthy food and lifestyle. Nowadays many people spend drinking, smoking and staying up late. The site also makes an appeal on their site to always remind members to prioritize health and rest when playing gambling. But ironically, people with common illnesses are still busy carrying out their bad habits without considering what happens the next day.

Advice for you, never do negative things in everyday life. Especially on the physical side, you should love yourself to be free from cancer.

Must know, the chronology of the occurrence of liver cancer and how to treat it!

The liver is the most important organ in humans. Without it, there was no way they could survive to breathe fresh air every day. But you need to know that many sufferers of a disease that can barely make them breathe easy, namely liver cancer. Basically, the liver has a sacred function for humans, the body’s organs function to neutralize and offer toxins in the stomach.

However, many events that can be said to be quite strange have happened until now. Where many people have consumed a variety of foods both regularly and maybe even at once. Is it because they want a new sensation or are just hooked on eating, of course no one will know. However, if it is continued, it actually makes it easier for liver cancer to survive in the body.

On this occasion we will share important information about the chronology of liver cancer that attacks humans and how it is treated. We think you need to know it as a personal provision so you don’t suffer from this disease.
Symptoms of Patients with Liver Cancer

Patients with liver cancer can be identified easily. Because since there is advanced technology from health experts, it makes it easier for everyone to avoid the disease. However, the onset of liver disease is visible in the skin color which begins to fade. In addition to decreased appetite, frequent vomiting and nausea are not clear. The more – the more the color of the eyes starts to become yellowish – the color of the urine is getting darker like hot water, causing unnatural itching on the skin.

These symptoms are the most common, but now there are many strange symptoms that are difficult to check for a general practitioner. Therefore, people with liver disease must consult a liver specialist. Because they already know many things about the disease.

Treatment Needs to be Done
There are many treatment methods that can be used for people with liver disease if they do not have enough money to go to a specialist. And below we deliberately present some natural ways that can be used as references, including;

  1. Sambiloto
    Sambiloto is a type of plant that is often found, especially in rural areas. The leaves are just picked and then dried for 5 minutes until they start turning yellow. Then just boil it and consume it every day or as needed.
  2. Temulawak
    Temulawak is a traditional food ingredient which is still legendary. Apart from treating the liver, this type of spice also has many benefits for the human body. The way to use it is the same as Sambiloto, but you only need to add soursop leaves to get maximum results.
  3. Handlers
    If the two leaves above are still difficult to find, then this last option is definitely in various places. How to drink it is also the same as the two leaves above. However, it is recommended that these rebut leaves be drunk every day and should not be too late.

Some of the ways to treat liver disease above are widely known, especially by Indonesians. However, some foreigners have also consumed it either for the treatment of disease or just to strengthen the body’s immunity.

However, please note that if the above treatment methods are not effective. We recommend that you contact a specialist. And if the antiseptic and antibiotic treatment is still lacking, then the last option is to enter the operating room.

What Must Be Done by Patients with Chronic Cancer and Their Families

What Must Be Done by Patients with Chronic Cancer and Their Families – How do you feel if you are suddenly diagnosed with cancer? Of course you will be devastated. Life will change 180 degrees. Stress is one of the negative effects experienced by cancer patients. This diagnosis of cancer can cause major life changes. But don’t give up immediately.

There are still many things that can be done to prevent cancer becoming more severe. Cancer patients still have hope for recovery. Therefore there are several steps that must be prepared by cancer patients and also those who accompany them. The following are some of these things.

Things that must be done by cancer patients and their closest people

1. Collect all information about cancer
Of course, cancer patients must gather information related to the cancer that they experience. The patient can make a list of questions regarding the cancer that is experienced. For example about the type of cancer, care to be taken, and so forth. The people closest to the patient can assist in every treatment that must be undertaken.

2. Maintain good communication
After being diagnosed with cancer, maybe the patient will immediately withdraw from his family and friendship circle. Maybe this is due to a feeling of lack of hope for life. The people closest to the patient should not allow this. Therefore build good two-way communication. Maintaining this two-way communication can help patients feel more relaxed. If possible, patients can join.

3. Change your lifestyle to be healthier
Surely people who have been diagnosed with cancer must immediately change their lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle must be done immediately so as not to worsen the condition of the body. Patients can start by eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly. Research shows that regular exercise during the cancer treatment period can increase the expectation for a longer life for patients.

Things that must be done by cancer patients and their closest people4. Anticipating physical changes
It’s no secret that patients diagnosed with cancer will experience physical changes. The changes that occur are very significant and often attract attention. These physical changes can include weight loss and hair loss. Anticipation can be made in the form of providing wigs, clothes, makeup, or other accessories that might make cancer patients feel more confident. For people around the patient can anticipate this change while maintaining the patient’s feelings. Don’t treat it differently because the physical has changed. Keep acting as usual.

These are some of the things cancer patients and those around them can do. Don’t forget that to fight cancer, it takes a lot of enthusiasm.

Happy and Strong Even with Cancer

Cancer is one type of dangerous disease. If you don’t get immediate treatment, then cancer patients can end up with death. Seeing this great risk, it’s no wonder that cancer patients easily feel sad, stressed, and so on. Cancer patients also become more sensitive about feelings.

This may arise because he feels he is not ready to receive a doctor’s diagnosis or is not ready to undergo treatment that will drain the physical, energy, time and cost. At times like this, of course the presence of the closest people is needed. But your presence is not just as simple. You also have to be careful not to offend the heart of the person with cancer.

Strengthening People Who Have Cancer

If you have a friend or relative who has cancer, don’t even talk about his physical changes before him. People who have cancer will indeed change physically. Surely he already knew this. So the people around him do not need to remind him again with a stale base about decreasing body weight or losing hair gradually.

According to research, cancer patients will usually feel sad or worse because of changes in appearance. You as the closest person do not need to show this to him. It’s better to just accompany them in treatment and treat them as healthy people.

People who have cancer also need strength. You should never equate the condition of a cancer patient with others. For example, by giving members to know about drugs that have been used successfully in other patients. Of course people with cancer do not always have the same conditions. In addition, the types of cancer are also different. Although the same also remains a difference in the nature of cancer in the patient’s body.

Of course only medical personnel can know about this difference. If you want to provide strength for cancer patients, you should take more time to accompany patients. Then often ask about what he feels right now. Of course this will be more helpful than knowing how to equalize the condition of patients with other patients.

For cancer patients themselves, you can still live life as usual with great strength. But of course there are some changes that must be made to maintain your health. For example by maintaining a diet pattern. One type of diet that can be done is by food combining.

In this diet, a diet that is specific and in accordance with the body’s metabolism has been applied. Of course this can help the digestion and absorption of food, as well as the disposal process that is in accordance with the needs and metabolism of the body. Setting meal times and adjusting the right diet are the hallmarks of this food combining method. People who apply this diet will also feel healthier than before.

Association that Helps Cancer Patients

All of us have often heard about cancer. This one disease does have big side effects. Not only physical changes will be experienced by cancer patients, but he also must live with the risk of death. Therefore, cancer patients usually not only experience physical pain, but also mentally depressed.

This is where support and attention is needed from the people around him. During the long treatment process, cancer patients will need assistance. At present many associations have emerged that provide assistance for cancer patients. The following are some of them.

Association that Provide Aid to Cancer Patients

One of the most known association that are preventing cancer and also giving information about it is none other than the world cancer research fund international. This organization is known as a not to profit organization that solely made to make sure the cancer disease are prevented and also giving public health policy regarding cancer.

Additionally, this organization will also giving research regarding weight, diet, physical activity to people so that they will be able to prevent cancer on the first place. The founder of this organization are known as Marilyn Gentry. This organization was founded in the year of 1999 which means it is almost 20 years ago. This organization itself are located in the united kingdom specifically in the city of London.

Additionally, this organization have many branch other than the main headquarters. We can find the branch from USA, Hong Kong and Netherlands as well. There are many kinds of programme that this organization has to offer from giving detailed research that giving information that cancer can stem from weight, physical activity and also diet as well.

Other than the WCRF there are CFAC or known as Cancer financial assistance coalition. Unlike the WCRF which is solely giving help by giving information on how to prevent cancer and also researching cancer in a more detailed manner, CFAC help directly the cancer patients by giving them financial assistance. This will make sure that the cancer patients will not need to worry about their remainder day.

With some of the organization that we are know in this article we make sure that cancer patients will have nothing to worry of. There are many kinds of people that will help cancer patient to their best, which means it is never too late to have a hope and fight for your life in the future.

Things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation

As we know that there are so many associations committed to supporting cancer survivors and their loved ones. However, the number of associations which focus on the prevention of cancer seems still limited. One such association is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Below are the things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

– What is the Prevent Cancer Foundation?
The Prevent Cancer Foundation is based in US and is a nonprofit organization which devotes to early detection and prevention of cancer. This association was founded in 1985. The main mission of this nonprofit organization is to save many people through the actions of early detection and prevention. Hence, the vision of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is stopping cancer before it starts.

Apparently, the Prevent Cancer Foundation has got so many awards during its dedication to cancer issues. The awards include the Guidestar’s platinum seal of Transparency which is accredited as charity institution with the Better Business Bureau, and the highest honors coming from the Charity Watch and Navigator. According to some reports, there are approximately seventy-nine cents from each dollar used for supporting the programs of this association.

– Four Areas of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Work
There are so many programs conducted by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Basically, all of the efforts done by this association are based on four areas. The areas are research, education, outreach, and advocacy. The first area is research. So, this area means that the Prevent cancer Foundation tries to fund fellowships and crucial research grants towards several reputable academic institutions and also medical centers in the U.S.

By doing so, the association intends to identify and fund any innovative inventions in order to give a significant contribution to the early detection and prevention of cancer. The second is education. What is meant by this area is that the association aims to provide information based on the evidence pertaining to anything you can do to prevent or detect cancer at the early stage through vaccinations, medical screenings, or healthy lifestyle choices.

Things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation

The last area is the outreach. This area means that the Prevent Cancer Foundation wants to reach out to many communities by means of various grants and programs. Through such things, the association will be able to fund in national and global scale as well as act locally. To help implementing beneficial programs, it is essential to empower people who really know their communities.

The last area is advocacy. In this area, the association intends to engage policymakers through advocacy. By doing so, the enactment of regulation and laws are promoted and it supports the needs of survivors of cancer and their loved ones.

Those are the things about the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The existence of such foundation has been giving very impactful benefits in cancer-related issues.