What You Should Know about the Cancer and Careers

What You Should Know about the Cancer and Careers

Many issues pertaining to cancer have been a very serious thing to focus on. Many people with cancers might lose their motivation and confidence in continuing their life, including their careers. Further, many unfair treatments are often found in workplace towards cancer survivors. One of the associations who want to cope with this problem is the Cancer and Careers. So, here is the explanation about what you should know about the Cancer and Careers.

Why are the Cancer and Careers Established?
Currently, the number of people with cancer in the US has been rapidly increasing. Hence, the need for support and resources to motivate people with cancer and their loved ones is increasing as well. They need lots of support and motivation to trigger them going back to the meaningful everyday life and work after getting the diagnosis and treatment.
Seeing that reality, the Cancer and Careers aims to empower as well as educating the people with cancer to thrive in their workplace. The endeavors are done by providing interactive tools, educational events, and expert advice.

There are some other issues why the association between Cancer and Careers is formed. First, it is because the fact shows that almost fifty percent of cancer survivors are of working age. Second, some researches show that twenty percent of people with cancer still report work limitations affected by the cancer-related problem one to five years after the diagnosis. The third one is because there have been 855 cancer discrimination claims received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2017.

What are the Impacts of Cancer and Careers?
There are some significant impacts which have been created since the establishment of this association. First, there are more than 525.000 individuals access expert information, resources and support online, printed and in person annually.

Second, there is ninety-nine percent of the association’s program participants in 2017 who stated that they can use what the have learned in their everyday activities. Third, there are 133.424 dollars in travel grants which have brought approximately two hundred and six scholarship receivers. They come from forty-seven states to the National Conference since 2012.
There are so many sponsors who have been supporting the programs held by the Cancer and Careers. The sponsors include Chanel, Inc., The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, MaCher, Shiseido Americas, L’Oréal USA, Firmenich, Allure, Kaplow, Nordstrom, Target, Seattle Genetics, Avon, Genetech, Tweezerman, and many more.

That is about what you should know about the Cancer and Careers. Many supports should be given to such an association.